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A look at the fintech conferences in Q4 2020

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the shape and form of fintech conferences in 2020. Some have been cancelled and others have been turned into digital or hybrid events. Here is a look at the line-up of conferences for the last quarter of 2020.

Sibos (Oct 5-8)

Sibos, the conference organized by SWIFT, has been cancelled for this year. Sibos was slated to take place in Boston. The next edition of Sibos is now scheduled for October 11-14, 2021 and will take place in Singapore.

Those who would rather not wait until October of next year can register on the site for an online community event that will take place during the time that was originally reserved for Sibos.

Money 20/20 USA (Oct 24-27)

Money 20/20 USA was originally planned to take place with special safety measures in place (attendance was going to be capped at 6,000 attendees for example) but then a decision was made to pull the plug on the October event altogether. The next edition of Money 20/20 USA is now scheduled to take place   in Las Vegas on October 24-27.

On October 26- 29, Money 20/20 will present through what has been dubbed “MoneyFest” an exclusive glimpse of the highlights of what would have been presented at the live shows in 2020 had COVID-19 not interfered. Among the content that is on offer are 20 keynotes and 15 deep-dive panel discussions. The online event is free for all who are interested

Singapore Fintech Festival (Dec 7-11)

The annual Singapore Fintech Festival was also initially scheduled to take place as planned but has now been turned into a hybrid event. There will be an online event from Dec 7-11 together with curated physical events in selected cities around the world.

FinovateWest Digital (Nov 23-25)

The plans for this conference have changed a few times. First FinovateSpring was postponed till the Fall. The original intent was to still have the physical conference take place in San Francisco but now also this conference has turned into a digital happening.

This article was contributed by Jo Detavernier, principal of Austin-based Detavernier Strategic Communication.

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