The Network was established by Kristian T. Sørensen and Michael Juul Rugaard, founding partners at Norfico – the first agency in the Nordic countries to combine communications, PR and strategic advisory solely within fintech. Norfico saw a gap in the market for specialist fintech agencies to more effectively collaborate and compete. It identified best-of- breed agencies in key markets globally.
Each of our members are independent specialists who are leaders in their respective markets. The network gives each of our members a global footprint, helping us better support the global ambitions of our clients and more effectively compete with international agencies.
The network provides clients access to like-minded agencies in markets across the globe. As agency members it also provides a global perspective, helping us to stay abreast of the latest and emerging trends in the rapidly evolving – and global – fintech sector.
The network comprises 10 agencies, across 9 countries and 4 continents. Our members are all independent specialists in their respective local and regional markets. We will continue to look for best-of- breed agencies in markets that help our clients build their global footprint

Currently, there is no set membership fee. We will assess the need for fees as we evolve the network.